Home of Havapoos, Portipoos and Ragdoll/Himalayans

About Us

Southern Paws and Claws is a three-generation family raising these wonderful, happy and healthy hybrid puppies and kittens.  You will easily fall in love with our puppies and kittens, as we have.

We are located in beautiful SW Florida and our puppies and kittens are able to enjoy the wonders of a sunny/temperate natural habitat year-round.  We enjoy what we do and have home raised [constantly underfoot] happy puppies and kittens.  We strategize and strive to produce dogs and cats with wonderful temperaments.  Southern Paws and Claws has chosen to breed Hava-poos, Porti-poos and Ragdoll/Himalayans because we believe we are offering puppies and kittens that would meet the needs of any family desiring a forever companion.  As was our case, “Mom” preferred the smaller cuddling breeds of the Havanese and toy poodle.  But her sister preferred the mid-size dog of the Porteguese Water and Miniature Poodle.  Between the two breeds [Hava-poo and Porti-poo], you can have your preference of a smaller or more of a mid-size dog… or you may wish to be a cat home by preferring a captivating and charming Ragdoll/Himalayan kitten.  Certainly, there is nothing more entertaining than enjoying the varying personalities of a puppy and kitten within the home. Contrary to the thought that dogs and cats don’t get along…that is not true, if properly socialized.

The types we have chosen to breed allow our pups and kittens to have awesome personalities. They are quick learners, possess excellent attention spans and have a great desire to please…what more could you want in a companion!

All our puppies and kittens will have been checked by our veterinarian several times, appropriately vaccinated and have their signed Health Certificate and shot record.   Southern Paws and Claws offers a full one-year guarantee toward genetic imperfections on all our puppies and kittens, and a lifetime of support in helping you with your questions as you raise one of our wonderful puppies and/or kittens to be part of your family.

We are always accepting requests for our puppies and kittens, even if puppies and/or kittens are not available.  When you contact us, we can begin the process and you earn a place on the ‘reserved list’ which means you become part of the first to choose and matched to one of our bundles of joy from the next litter(s).