Home of Havapoos, Portipoos and Ragdoll/Himalayans


Enjoy some of our favorite photos of our pet family!

Having fun poolside!

Who is going to paddle?

Exhausted…..after a hard day of playing

King Franklin with Princess Willow.

Puppy experiencing grass for the first time…..’this tickles my paws’!

For a dog, nothing is better than being able to sleep on a pile of toys!

A puppy learning what a grooming table is and getting first ‘hair styling’.

Who needs toys when I can play, ‘catch his tail’.

Lucky loves to cuddle with everyone! Mr. Lover Boy!

Hanging out with some of our neighbor pals!

Sophie loved the Holidays!

Spa day for Lucky!

Our handsome boy, Lucky!

Our pretty gal, Ginger

Teaching some of our pals about the water-pool.

Fun in the yard with ‘our people’.

Greta having a good swim – loves to do laps!