Home of Havapoos, Portipoos and Ragdoll/Himalayans

Our Guys…Meet the Current Crew


Our tenacious boy! Lucky, a poodle, is very engaging and just as loving! Lucky is always working on winning and keeping your heart. He has the desirable curly particolour coat and and has passed it onto his offspring.


Bailey, a poodle, is our little redneck. Full of vim and vigor, he always claims your attention because of his antics. He is personality plus and a true charmer. Bailey has a beautiful wavy white coat with champaign highlights.


“Frankie”, a Ragdoll has proven to be our gloriously, regal, king of the house. He’s all ‘full of himself’ and enjoys showing off to all – human or animal. He is smart, alert and mischievously funny. He is such a joy and certainly majestic in personality and appearance!