Home of Havapoos, Portipoos and Ragdoll/Himalayans

Puppy and Kitten Starts

All our puppies/kittens are hand cuddled and socialized from the minute the mothers give birth.  We expose the puppies to home environment sounds, smells and surfaces, people of all sizes and age, age proper toys, car rides and food according to age appropriateness.

The crate is an important part in the training of a dog. We start introducing our puppies to the crate at 3 weeks, and by 8 weeks they are sleeping in individual crates at night. By this method of crate training, the transition to your home is less stressful for the puppy and you, and is a head-start toward potty training.

Depending upon each puppies’ length of stay with us, Southern Paws and Claws puppies go to their forever home, well introduced to basic commands [“no”, “down”, “come”, “no biting”, for example] and started, if not potty trained. They are lovingly beginning to be taught to walk on a leash by kids and adults. Weather permitting, the puppies are taught to swim and locate pool exits. As is known, the Poodles, Porteguese Water Dogs and most Havanese all enjoy a good swim.

Because your Hava-poo or Porti-poo will be a family member for life, it is very important to us at Southern Paws and Claws to match you with the right puppy. So no matter if you are strictly looking for a companion or need more than a companion in the form of an Emotional Support/Comfort Dog, please know that it is part of our process to learn your lifestyle and do an appropriate match – person [family] to puppy. Because our puppies are home-raised and worked with constantly, we are knowledgeable of each personality, so allow us to assure you that we will guide you in your selection.