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About Ragdoll/Himilayans

Description of Ragdoll is a beautiful blue-eyed, affectionate, intelligent, gentle, relaxed large cat. It has to have darker color on their ears, face and tail; while the main body color is cream and/or white. The weight ranges in females from 11-13 pounds and with males it is 17-20 pounds. Ragdolls do not display the independence and aloofness that regular felines are known to have. They want to be with their people, and will follow you everywhere. They are cats with a personality-plus and are playful. They will keep you entertained regularly.

Ragdolls are irresistibly huggable, and carry unique characteristics from their feline counterparts. Ragdolls are known to go limp in your arms when picked up and they have a very plush, silky, non-matting fur and a ‘plume’ of a tail. They also possess tuffs of hair in the ears and between the toes.

Because of their lack of natural cat fight instincts, a Ragdoll should NEVER be allowed outside. However, Ragdolls do carry ‘dog-like’ characteristics such as wanting to be with their people, will greet you at the door upon your return, and like a good chin or belly rub.

Description of Himilayan  is a sweet, docile and quiet cat that’s affectionate but discriminating. It has a large -round head, large-round eyes, a short nose, full cheeks, and small ears with rounded tips. The head is supported by a short, thick neck and a deceptively sturdy, muscular body. A Himalayan’s legs are short, thick, and strong with large, round, firm paws. Their tail is short but proportional to the length of the cat’s body. A long, thick, shiny coat with a fine texture completes the Himalayan’s look. It’s long all over the body and includes an immense ruff around the neck, a deep frill between the front legs, long ear and toe tufts, and a full “brush,” or tail. The weight ranges from 7 – 12 pounds as it is a medium size cat.

A Himilayan is an ornament to any home where she believes sitting in a lap—surely her rightful place—is expected not earned. Being petted by those who are discerning enough to recognize her superior qualities will bring out her affection. The “Himmie” is content to adorn a chair, sofa or bed until you are free to admire her and give her the attention she willingly receives but never demands. The most important thing to understand about caring for a Himalayan is the need for daily grooming. That long, beautiful coat doesn’t stay clean and tangle-free on its own. It must be gently and thoroughly combed every day, and regular bathing—at least once a month is suggested.  As with the Ragdoll, it’s a good idea to keep a Himalayan as an indoor cat. He’s not a scrapper and would fare poorly against other cats, dogs, and other dangers that face cats who go outdoors.


With the cross of these two breeds – Ragdoll and Himilayan – you get the best of both breeds. The weight range should be 11 – 20 pounds. The Ragdoll/Himilayan will be a beautiful, cuddily bundle of fluff. It will have the blue eyes and the intelligence both breeds possess. These kittens will have personality-plus and want to be with their people versus being alone.

Because both the Ragdolls and Himilayans are not hunters or ‘scrappers’, these kittens [and ultimately cats] should NEVER be allowed outside.