Home of Havapoos, Portipoos and Ragdoll/Himalayans

Our Gals…Meet the Current Crew


Ginger, a Havenese, is a pleaser. She wants to make you and everyone around happy…and keep you that way! She loves to play with the rest of the ‘crew’ but is equally content ‘chilling’ near you or taking a dip in the pool. She has a pretty champagne and white wavy coat.


Meet our resident princess! Sugar, a Havenese, is ‘prissy’ but enjoys a good romp with the rest of the dogs. Sticking with her prissy/princess moniker, Sugar does not want to get her ‘paws’ dirty and not one to dive into the pool as that would get her ‘hair’ wet. She has a white wavy coat with striking silver/black feathering on her face.


Her name is Raven, but she’ll definitely not take flight. Quite the contrary, as her sweet caring personality puts her right by your side. Even if she is off having a good time with dog pals, she comes back to check in and make  sure you are okay.  Her large, loving eyes and apparent intelligence make it appear as she is ready to start a conversation with you at any moment.  And, with a soft wavy black coat, Raven is the complete, Porteguese Water Dog,  package.


Now, this is our tomboy! Sophie, a Havenese, is happiest running in the yard and checking in with her barnyard friends – but is, also, at the end of the day, content to settle into your lap to watch a good movie. She has a two-tone black and white wavy coat with the colors attractively, evenly distributed.


Greta is our Olympian. Like any Porteguese Water Dog, she loves playing in water…from her water bowl to the pool. She is bright, alert, inquisitive and a pleaser. Greta can be content playing on her own but will assuredly take charge of playtime when there are others to play with. She has a beautiful two-tone black/white curly coat.


Willow, a Ragdoll/Himalayan is attitude and more! She takes the Ragdoll characteristic personality to new levels. With her striking eyes and awesomely colored coat – she is a ‘knock-out’ through and through.