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Coco is doing so awesome!

Coco is doing so well! She couldn’t stand the cage last night so we let her out. She slept under our bed all night. She is super smart and
following commands already! Thanks for such a special little girl. She is well loved. ~Carolyn~

“Butch is doing great.  Only cried for 10 minutes when we crated him at bedtime.  My mom loved him.  Our friend wanted to take him home with her.  He loved the toys my mom bought him.”

This was sent to us the day after Butch’s ‘parents’ took him home.

~ Butch's Forever Family ~

Coco is soooo smart. She is already potty trained basically! She loves everyone and plays wit two dogs that live next door. Really a perfect puppy!! Coco's Forever Family

Cooper's Forever Family

I can’t even tell you how much my kids love him! laughing  He was such a good boy last night.  Slept all night then when I took him out of the crate he went pee and poop outside!

Waligora Family

Messy hair don’t care wink for both of them!  It’s so cute….we come home and she runs to him and says, “Charlie Baby I’m home!!”  Thank you for providing the perfect puppy for us!!

Charlie's Forever Home Family

In getting him home, I put him in here by the table and he was an angel!  Didn’t bark once and stayed till I took him out to go outside!

Thankful for your pre-training!